Did you know – we provide Web Stores?

Did you know that as a club or a school, when you sign up to receive the Brand Savvy service to provide your school wear or club branded clothing that we will agree to build and host a web store specifically for you?

Why do we do this?
Well let’s face it, it’s a pain in the rear end gathering all the sizes, who wants what in what colour and how many. So we want to take the hassle away from the poor sole who has been nominated to lead the way. After just a short meeting to understand your requirements, we will go away and the next thing you know a unique hyperlink will be in your inbox for you to distribute to all your members, so they can order their own, pay for it on line and they can choose how they receive it.

Raise funds
It’s also possible to use this as a fund raiser. Add a small margin onto the price of each item and at the end of each agreed period, we will add up the sales and the additional margin and send you the money raised. There is no commission taken and no hidden charges. We have been in the fundraising business for our schools and clubs and appreciate how hard it can be, so it’s a little additional help.

75 web stores and counting
So far we have built over 75 web stores for schools and clubs making life so much easier for all of them. From tiny primary schools to secondary schools, whether it’s the full range of school wear on offer or just a small amount, such as leavers hoodies, we can add items or take them away, add colour and size options or take them away. It’s all very simple. Similarly for clubs, from cricket and football clubs to Star Wars clubs, there is no limit to what we can add.

Yes you can customise your requirements during the order process, such as adding a name under the logo, print your name or role across the shoulders of a garment. These come at a small additional fee of course as they waver from the original agreed prices.

Take a look at sample web stores
Here are just a couple of web stores for you to look at.

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