The only business cards your team will ever need! 

*No app required 

Mockup Brand Savvy One Card

Instant Information

Swipe your card over a compatible phone to show your business information and allow your details to be added to the client's contact list.

You select what information to share and how it's viewed by your clients!

All team members' information can be edited at any time. Just visit your portal and edit accordingly. 


Social Media

All of your social media links can be available in one place.

With One Card Teams, each team member can connect with their clients in just one swipe - meaning whatever handles you make available, will be available on their phone screens immediately.


Manage Your Team

All team members' information is managed from a central location - ensuring a cohesive company brand throughout individual staff member profiles

Individual profiles can have personalised information as well.

Manage your team profiles online

  • Perfect for networking and getting ahead of the competition - Be the one they remember!
  • Your clients will find you quickly and easily for future contact and repeat business
  • Update your team's details in an instant with no need for extra costly re-prints
  • Branded to your business needs
  • High-Quality print with an optional upgrade to a security ID card with a watermarked layer
  • Multiple add-on options including; CRM integration and payment options
  • Functionality continually improved
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Easily edit your team

  • Edit your team details at any time
  • Add locations/departments and assign team members
  • Add new team members easily
  • No need for a new batch of business cards to be printed
  • CRM integrations: You clients can be added as leads directly from your staff member's profile page!
  • Payment options: Allow team members to take payments from clients with Stripe or Paypal
  • Functionality continually improved
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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