The Glasshouse, Retford


The Glasshouse, Retford

Situated just off the main market square in the historic town of Retford, The Glasshouse as it is now, is a beautiful double story Restaurant with a full glass front. It wasn\'t difficult to see how the name was born.

The Glasshouse was officially opened in May 2019 when the building lease was purchased from the previous business owner, who\'s own tearoom business was on the decline. With a reputation that wasn\'t helping the new owners, work had to be done to ensure The Glasshouses was to progress sufficiently enough to meet the business objectives. The primary objective being to attract customers that had gone elsewhere and announce to residents and professionals alike that this new eatery was in town.

We asked Rebecca & Jayne, Directors of The Glasshouse, how she went about changing the public perception:

"The Glasshouse needed to ensure the building, inside and out gave a professional feel, whilst offering a relaxed enjoyable experience for its customers.

We felt the branding was very important as this is what gave customers their first impressions. The branding needed to be clear and the colour schemes were important to give it a modern feel. We wanted window decals, two decals were added, a large one above the entrance doors on the glass panel and one on the counter. This gave the initial identification that the business was under New ownership. The beams within the building that had charcoal grey and so the base colour was adopted from that."

What brought you to Brand Savvy?

"We Came on recommendations. We knew of other companies that had worked with you and they were really happy with the end to end service. Location was also key, we wanted to work with a local provider where we could have a personal business relationship with as we were new, we wanted the additional support for the business start-up process which we could get from an experienced team."

The Glasshouse had the initial formal consultation with us in February 2019.

"It started really quickly and we found the process of working with Brand Savvy easy.

The attention to detail was very important and issues were managed before they reached us. Despite challenges along the way, we opened on time. We really liked the personal touch provided, despite a few teething problems with the large decal, Brand Savvy always went the extra mile."

The professional relationship between ourselves and The Glasshouse has flourished over the first twelve months and having designed the logo initially, we currently provide window decals, multiple menus, loyalty cards, Uniform, all printing for posters for marketing purposes.

Having done so much we asked how this has helped meet your business objectives?

"We believe that the look and the professionalism of the whole supply has allowed us to ensure the customers are well informed and improves our customer service. It allows the Front of house staff to do what they need to do.

The feedback from customers has been great. We have a lot of customers using the loyalty cards. We have a group of professional ladies that come in at least four times per week. We retain the customers due to the service we provide, customers come back to complete loyalty cards, the two-work hand in hand.

The uniform allows us to adhere to food hygiene standards and illustrates us as a professional business. It is our belief that as a business we should be providing the staff with uniform, by having uniform it gives the staff pride in what they do and increases productivity and revenue."


We wanted to know what the most important thing we had done to date for The Glasshouse. As it turned out there were two key
elements that were important.

    • The initial Logo Design was the catalyst and momentum for the rest of the products and services, it sets them apart from the competition.
    • The uniform has also made a noticeable improvement on staff\'s wellbeing, it makes them feel part of the business, they look very smart, customers have given very positive feedback and this has helped increase the pride of the staff.

It is interesting to see how this has had an impact on business. Whilst it\'s a very difficult question to ask a business who have only been operational for 12 months, the business has had a 10% increase in turnover from the previous owners, customers are coming back, events are held on a regular basis. It really has a buzz about it. So Rebecca and Jayne's drive and passion for the business supported by other business such as ours is mutually beneficial and has a knock on effect
to the local community.

So what is next for The Glasshouse, how can Brand Savvy help further?

We will be working closely together to produce a new website with integrated booking system. An e-pos till system that we can build into the accounts system and web. We will sit down and conduct the consultation on that in the coming months

To finish off the chat with Rebecca & Jayne, we asked how they would recommend
our services to others?

"It's the ability to build a brand, the ability to bring all aspects of quality to a business.  The personal touch, the support available, the aftercare."

Wow!!  Thankyou Ladies thanks for the feedback and your time.

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