The Worlds First Two Way Digital Business Card

*No App Required!



Simply tap your One Card® onto a contactless-enabled device, providing your client with information in an instant - Press here to see how



Swap contact details in seconds!

Swipe the card over a compatible phone to show your business profile and allow your details to be added to the client's contact list

Your client enters their contact details which are securly saved to the cloud - or, as an optional extra, your existing CRM!

You select what information to share and how it's viewed by your client! Need to change or update what's on your One Card®? Just visit your portal and edit accordingly



All of your social media links can be available in one place.

With One Card®, you're able to connect with your client in just one swipe - meaning whatever handles you make available, will be available on their phone screens immediately.

With the flexibility of the One Card®, you really are in control of what profiles are shared - so, what are you waiting for?

Your details saved to your clients' phone in just One Swipe & One Click!

Clients' details saved to your CRM* instantly!

* Google Sheets integration as standard. Other CRMs optional extra - please contact us with your requirements

One Card® replaces the need for 1000's of business cards giving you instant business benefits

  • TWO WAY contact sharing - your client's details saved directly to the cloud
  • Your client will find you quickly and easily for future contact and repeat business
  • Calendly integration: Book appointments directly from your profile
  • Perfect for networking and getting ahead of the competition - Be the one they remember!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint - no more wasted business cards
  • Reduce your reprint costs - no more reprints!
  • Branded to your business needs
  • High-Quality print with an optional upgrade to a security ID card with a watermarked layer
  • Update your details in an instant with no need for extra costly re-prints
  • Multiple add-on options including; CRM integration and team versions
  • Functionality continually improved

Android & iOS Compatible

One Card® is compatible with iOS and Android models, making it even easier to use. For older models, we offer an optional QR code option that will make giving your contact details just as simple.

Environmentally Conscious

10 Billion business cards are printed each year,

80% are thrown away within the first week they are received.

That's 8 billion business cards discarded every year!

Using One Card® creates a reduction in waste by being durable and reusable.

Endless Profile Options

It's never been easier to edit between profiles on your One Card®. Just visit our website anytime and log into your personal online portal. It's unlimited!

Pricing & Purchase

One Card® pricing's vary depending on your needs. Starting from just £30 per year, One Card will transform the way you share important information with potential clients.


£50 / year ex VAT
  • Free basic CRM included
  • Calendly integration
  • Free card set-up
  • Login Portal
  • Your choice of branding
  • High-quality print
  • Unlimited profile changes
  • Email support included


  • All One Card features
  • Advanced CRM options: Including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, Zoho and more
  • Login Portal
  • Your Choice of branding
  • Unlimited profile changes
  • Enhanced support


  • Bespoke Set-up fee
  • Portal to manage full team
  • Your business branding
  • High-quality print
  • Unlimited profile changes
  • CRM Integration
  • Email support included

Get a custom design

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